We are a small team of residents who came together when a planning application to build approximately 125 houses on Cowlishaw Other Protected Open Land (OPOL) was submitted to OMBC.The outline application was submitted in September 2015 and when we became aware of it in July 2016 we realised that immediate action was needed to oppose it.

Keep Cowlishaw Green was formed and our campaign began in earnest. After a lot of hard work and in a short space of time we were able to increase the number of objections and at the beginning of September these totalled 400.

The application which was due to go before the Oldham planning committee on the 21 September 2016 was unexpectedly withdrawn by the agent at the beginning of September. This was of course, a positive result and fantastic news for the residents however it was met with much scepticism. The sudden withdrawal raised many questions to which we never received satisfactory answers.

We urged people to remain vigilant and remain on their guard as we felt we hadn’t heard the last of it. Unfortunately, only a month or so later we heard about about the GM Spatial Framework draft plan and that sadly Cowlishaw was allocated for a 640 housing development.

This time we have an even bigger campaign and a much bigger fight on our hands as we will be up against the “Super Council”- Greater Manchester Combined Authority(GMCA)

Our team needs to expand and if you can help in any way we would love you to hear from you