The GMSF draft document approved on the 28 October 2016 sets out a strategy to deliver 227,000 across
Greater Manchester over the next 20 years to accommodate a growing population. These new homes will provide a broad mix in terms of type, size, tenure, location and affordability so as to meet the needs of all households.

Oldham Borough total housing requirement is 13,700 homes which equates to an average 685 annual requirement, 85% of which will be houses and the remaining 15% apartments.

Crompton & Shaw have been targeted heavily and will be smothered with almost 3,000 houses with a loss of 29% of its green belt and 3 areas of OPOL (other protected open land). What happened to "minimising  urban sprawl"!!?    
75% of Green belt within our Borough is in Oldham East and Saddleworth.
This figure will barely change as the green belt grab will sadly be from the North West of the Borough.

The affected areas lying in Crompton & Shaw wards are :
Cowlishaw OPOL -640 dwellings
Beal Valley
( which includes Shawside & Bullcote Lane OPOL's) - 900 dwellings
NG3 (Oldham Element only)-Land between Crompton and Newhey- 1,440 dwellings and 268,800sqm of employment floorspace.

The GMSF map to the right shows: 

The green belt across Oldham Borough and as can be seen approx 75% of this is in Saddleworth.

The orange areas are the allocated sites which have been selected for development.

Shaw, Crompton and Royton appear to have drawn the short straw on this occasion!!



Other areas in Oldham Borough which have been allocated are:

Greenfield- affects Saddleworth South Ward-  120 dwellings. 100 holiday lodges
Broadbent Moss - affects St James ward, Royton South wards - 1000 dwellings. 47,040sqm industrial floorspace
NG2 (Oldham Element only) - affects Chadderton North and Royton North Wards - 500 dwellings and 209,300sqm of employment floorspace. 
Hanging Chadder- affects Royton North ward - 600 dwellings

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