Cllr Sykes proposes a motion to withdraw from the GMSF – Full council Meeting

At the full Oldham council meeting on Wednesday 22 March 2017 Cllr Howard Sykes (MBE) Liberal Democrat proposed a motion that Oldham council should withdraw from the GMSF, this was seconded by Cllr Dave Murphy . Unfortunately only 12 members of Council supported this motion, the remaining voted against. The following councillors whose wards will be affected by these proposed developments chose to vote against which obviously has led to extreme disappointment with their constituents.

Royton North Labour Councillors:  James Larkin,  Hannah Roberts
Royton South Labour Councillors: Marie Bashforth, Steven Bashforth, Amanda Chadderton
Chadderton North Labour Councillors: Barbara Brownridge,  Mohon  Ali, Fazlul Haque
St James Labour Councillors: Ginny Alexander, Cath Ball, Angela Cosgrove

Next Full Council Meeting-GMSF on the agenda- Opposition business

Wednesday  22 March 2017 at 6.00pm– OMBC Full Council meeting.

Cllr Howard Sykes (Leader of the Opposition) to propose a motion to formally withdraw from the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework process and make arrangements to ensure that the GMSF does not apply to the Borough of Oldham

See more here (Agenda item 15).

It will be interesting  to see if the Labour Councillors
Royton South: Steven Bashforth, Marie Bashforth, Amanda Chadderton
Royton North: James Larkin, Hannah Roberts
Chadderton North: Barbara Brownridge,  Mohon Ali, Fazlul Haque
St James: Ginny Alexander, Cath Ball, Angela Cosgrove

who are all also opposed to these absurd  proposals will do the right thing for their constituents and support this motion. Definitely one to watch

GM Mayoral election 2017- Have your say 4th of May

Election of a Mayor for Greater Manchester

To be able to cast a vote in the upcoming election you must first register here.
You can do this online and you will need to do this before Thursday 13 April 2017.

Greater Manchester’s first ever Mayor will be elected on 4 May 2017.

Voting will take place across the ten districts of GM. If you are registered to vote, you’ll be entitled to have your say on who is elected.

How to vote